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Probably daily you have to instruct or remind someone to do something. It can be that your life partner needs to buy certain groceries or an employee must complete a task today by 3PM.

How do you know that the task was acknowledged and will not be forgotten? How do you know if and when the task will be done? Ok, you may share the task by using sticky notes or by email, SMS or voice call… but this way you just pass it to someone else. You would have to keep the task performer in your eyesight – hardly productive in today’s restless world.

Yoobeo brings a fresh view to the way you share tasks by allowing you to send to-dos to your friends and be notified when a to-do is delivered, read or completed.

Easily Manage your to-dos

Using Yoobeo on your favorite device you can create tasks with a single click and you can assign alarms, colors or icons to each task or list of tasks.

Each task can be edited, deleted or marked as completed.

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Handling repetitive tasks

You can use Yoobeo to auto-generate repetitive tasks and alarms.

For example, if you have to pay a bill on the 19th of each month, all you have to do is to setup the task once and configure it to recreate itself each month on 19th.

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Setting a To-do Reminder

In order to remind yourself about an important task, you can assign an alarm for it and you can specify when to trigger the alarm.

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Tip: using the quick-add-task button, Yoobeo makes it extremely easy for you to add to-dos to your lists.

Share & Sync with friends

By using your Facebook friends list you can easily distribute to-dos to your family, friends or co-workers.

Once a shared task is marked as completed by a friend, all Facebook friends sharing that task will be notified about its completion.

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Truly Cross Platform

Yoobeo lets you share and sync to-dos across platforms.

Yoobeo is currently available as a stand-alone app for Android powered devices and as an app for Facebook. Yoobeo for iOS and Yoobeo for MS Phone are currently under development.

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Did you know that Yoobeo is so smartly optimized that it consumes as little battery and bandwidth as possible on your handheld device?

Receiving Task Notifications

On Yoobeo, it is the task owner – and not the task receiver – that can enforce notifications.

Yoobeo lets you request received, read and task completed notifications.

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Color your world

To make it easier for you to browse through your tasks, Yoobeo lets you assign various colors to your tasks.

When you share a task, its color is also shared to your friends.

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Premium accounts

You keep all the benefits of the free Yoobeo version and add even more task productivity features!

See the Yoobeo comparison chart for more information on the differences between free and premium accounts.

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