<h4>Where do I signup?</h4>

Where do I signup?

That’s the beauty: you don’t signup! Simply get Yoobeo!

<h4>Connect with Yoobeo</h4>

Connect with Yoobeo

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<h4>Latest News</h4>

Latest News

Yoobeo for Facebook, v1.0.203 (1/30/2013) - We have just released an updated version of the Yoobeo app for Facebook.
Yoobeo on Google Play (1/25/2013) - The Free Edition of Yoobeo for Android is now available on the Google Play Store.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Premium version cost and how do I extend it?


Yoobeo Premium is a monthly subscription based service. An yearly subscription plan costs $1.39/month. You can choose to automatically renew your license or not.

Can I share a task from the Yoobeo app for Facebook to my friend’s Android device?


Yes, Yoobeo allows you to share tasks with your friends across platforms.

You can also synchronize your own tasks among multiple platforms. For example you can create a task on the Yoobeo app for Facebook and then you will instantly have it accessible on your Yoobeo app for Android.

Can I use Yoobeo if I don’t have a Facebook account?


The Facebook authentication is optional. You only need to authenticate via Facebook if you want to share or synchronize tasks between devices or platforms.

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