Yoobeo: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Premium version cost and how do I extend it?


Yoobeo Premium is a monthly subscription based service. An yearly subscription plan costs $1.39/month. You can choose to automatically renew your license or not.

Can I share a task from the Yoobeo app for Facebook to my friend’s Android device?


Yes, Yoobeo allows you to share tasks with your friends across platforms.

You can also synchronize your own tasks among multiple platforms. For example you can create a task on the Yoobeo app for Facebook and then you will instantly have it accessible on your Yoobeo app for Android.

Can I use Yoobeo if I don’t have a Facebook account?


The Facebook authentication is optional. You only need to authenticate via Facebook if you want to share or synchronize tasks between devices or platforms.

Do I need separate Premium licenses for each device that I use?


No. Each Premium license is tied to your Facebook profile. You can activate your Premium license on an unlimited number of devices/computers – as long as you authenticate with the same Facebook account.

How can I get a refund?


If you purchased your Premium subscription directly from our web site, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of the purchase.

If you purchased from a marketplace (like the Apple AppStore or the Android Marketplace), the refund policy is established by the marketplace provider. As of July 2011, neither the Android Marketplace nor the Apple Appstore allows refunds for in-app purchases.

What’s the difference between Free and Premium?


If you are unsure about the benefits of going Premium, please check the Yoobeo comparison chart.

Is it possible to track the tasks I share with my friends?


Yoobeo lets you, the sender, enforce to be notified about your shared tasks status. You can choose to receive delivery notifications and also read notifications. You will always know who received your to-dos and who actually read them, so you’ll always be on top of all your tasks.

Of course, Yoobeo will also notify you if a shared task was completed by one of your friends.

The task notification features are available only on the Premium edition of Yoobeo.

Is my Facebook password shared with Yoobeo?


No, never! We value your privacy so when you log-in to Facebook Yoobeo only receives a special code (an “access token”) from the Facebook servers so that it can retrieve your friends list and sync your tasks. Thus, your login credentials are only exchanged between your device and Facebook so you don’t have to worry about any prying eyes. That token will also be used when syncing your to-dos, so you only need to log-in to Facebook once and you’re good to go!

How about my security and privacy?


1. The data transmitted between your Yoobeo app and the Yoobeo servers is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layers (SSL), so it is as safe as viewing your Facebook newsfeed or reading your Gmail emails in your web browser.

2. To prevent unknown people from sharing tasks with you, Yoobeo is using the Facebook friends system so only your Facebook friends can share and sync tasks with you.

3. Your to-do lists are saved only on your device and on the Yoobeo servers (for synchronization purposes). They are not part of your Facebook profile data so you don’t need to worry about your to-dos being used for social marketing purposes.

Why do I have to use a Facebook account with Yoobeo?


Yoobeo is using your Facebook credentials to authenticate your access and allow you to quickly retrieve your to-dos from almost any device or platform.

Yoobeo lets you share tasks with your Facebook friends, making it extremely easy for you to manage the sharing process. This way, you and your friends don’t have to signup separately on our web site so you have one less account login to remember and care for.