Did you ever forget to pay a bill?

Do you have to be reminded about birthdays? At one time or another, all of us have overlooked stuff like this!

Every month you have to pay the bills, every week you need to remember to water the plants and so on… Yoobeo lets you create repetitive tasks for all your needs. For each repetitive to-do you are able set up a specific alarm, notification type and repeat behavior so it’s easy to manage both your household tasks and the ones that you need to do from time to time at work! Once completed, that task will be checked in the list and reappear automatically before the next deadline!

Let’s consider an example where each Monday the trash has to be taken out. Since this task can be done by anyone in your household, you will just have to create and share it with your family. Each member will then be notified about it, and anyone who has the time can complete it. The next Monday, the task will be recreated for everyone and you will be notified if it’s completed and by whom. You can also check and see who completed it last week in that task’s log.

The great thing about Yoobeo is that you can share a repetitive task with a friend!

You can set the repeat time as daily (so you don’t forget to take your vitamins), weekly, monthly or yearly – so birthdays and anniversaries won’t take you by surprise ever again!