Share & Sync Tasks with Friends

Sharing Tasks is Surprisingly Simple

Probably the most innovative feature of Yoobeo is the one that lets you create a task and share it with your desired Facebook friends. There is no need to enter your friend’s email address or phone number: simply select the desired friend(s) from your Facebook Friends List and you’re done.

Unlike other applications that share tasks by converting them to emails, SMS or even Facebook messages, Yoobeo actually allows you to distribute one or more tasks to your friends – and in return they can mark the task as completed and you will be notified about it!

There are countless real-life situations where this task sharing feature becomes handy. For example, you can:

- create a shopping list and share it with your life partner;
- use a repetitive task to automatically remind your employees about a regular action, like a monthly report or a weekly meeting;
- create birthday alarms and share them with your family, so you are all notified when such an event is coming;
- invite your friends to a party by sharing a party task and having your friends to confirm it;
- remind your business partners about an upcoming event by creating and sharing a task with that event;
- ask a friend for help with a given task and be notified if your friend acknowledges & completes the task for you.

To share a task you simply have to select it, opt to share it and then choose which friends from your friends list shall receive the shared task from you.

You can share the same task with a group of friends and each one can mark it as being completed. Once a friend marks the task as being completed, all the other friends sharing the task are notified about it, too.

If your friend is not a Yoobeo user, Yoobeo will offer to send an invitation to your friend, through Facebook.

Synchronizing tasks

Once you authenticate with your Facebook account, all your tasks are silently synchronized with the Yoobeo secure servers, allowing you to:

- synchronize your tasks among multiple devices: for example, you can quickly create a new task on your desktop computer and have it instantly available on your handheld device;

- receive update notifications when a shared task is delivered, read, completed or even deleted by your friends.

Because the Yoobeo sync process is greatly optimized, it normally takes less than 1 second to finalize the synchronization.

Synchronizing your tasks on multiple devices is extremely easy. You don't need to psychically connect the sync-ed devices or to have an account with us. All you have to do is to install Yoobeo on that device and authenticate it with your Facebook credentials. Once Yoobeo authenticates yourself it will start sync-ing your task lists & to-dos.

You can chose to synchronize by automatic "push" methods or you can manually synchronize your tasks using the Sync button.

Receiving Task Notifications

Receiving Task Notifications

Given that you only share tasks with people you actually know (unlike SMS or email), on Yoobeo it is the sender - and not the recipient - that can enforce to receive delivery or read notifications.


Supported Platforms

Supported Platforms

On top of the Yoobeo web app for Facebook (accessible on any device that supports Facebook apps), Yoobeo is available as a stand-alone application for Android powered devices, Apple iPhone and Microsoft Windows.