Yoobeo: Using to-do alarms

Setting up to-dos is pretty useless if you can’t be reminded about them, so Yoobeo allows you to assign alarms (reminders) to each to-do item.

Not only that you can setup to-do alarms, but you can also choose the reminder type: one time or repetitive alarm. For example, you can configure a to-do alarm to trigger hourly or daily, until the task is completed.

The Yoobeo alarms are also synchronized with our cloud service, meaning that the task alarm will trigger on all your devices that are setup with your Yoobeo Facebook profile.

Furthermore, when you share a task with your friends, you can also share its alarm, so the reminder will trigger on your friends’ devices too! For example, if you need to remind your boyfriend to buy milk on his way home, you can share a to-do item with him and you can include an alarm setup to trigger at the time when he is heading home.

For Android devices, Yoobeo can also display a reminder in your phone / tablet notification bar.